The Horned Lord


The horned lord is the lord of the wild forest, but is also urbane enough that he can sometimes be found in cities and towns. He speaks of magic and mystery, and things that found in between, in between trees, rivers, stones, houses, doorways and in between words. He is the master of liminal spaces.


A Stang is a forked staff, that is made from a forked branch.  these can be carried around like a staff, and used as a portable altar, focus for a quick hedgy ritual or as the bases for a shrine, as they are portraied in this art.  


This stang is based on the Horned Lord Stang that lives at Ravens Knoll in the witches shrine.  He is much loved, adored and honoured.  He has an energy that is a little raw, a little tame and will make your hair stand on end.


I created the orginals as applique textile tapestries.  The inspiration was to create something that was sacred, connected and rich with magical symbolism.  This particular applique tapestry is very connected to the Ravens Knoll and the Horned Lord himself.  He is often found within Modern Traditional Witchcraft and Hedgecraft.  



A6 (10.5 x 14.8cm)



Horned Lord Stang Postcard