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Fetches, Faeries & Poppets


Fetches are a supernatural double "or an apparition of a living person in Irish folklore.” (Menefee, 1990) And according to, to fetch is about bringing something back. 

Faeries are nature spirits found in most European folklore.  According to Wikipedia “A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural.”

Poppets are a small human figure that is often associated with or used in Witchcraft and magic.  And according to Wikipedia “is a doll made to represent a person, for casting spells on that person or to aid that person through magic.” 

I have combined a little of column A,  a little of column B and just a dash of artistic interpretation to create Fetches, Faeries & Poppets, that have a spirit and magic all of the own.   Each sculpture has a different personality and magical abilities, depending who they are.   They all come with their own accessories and bag to carry them in along with a certificate of authenticity that includes a short story of who they are and what their magical skills are. 


Fetches, Faeries & Poppets will be created once or twice a year.  (no custom orders) Once a collection has been created, I will send an announcement through a special newsletter which will contain information about what or who will be available and where you can buy them. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the page
 A notice will also be placed on my FB artists page Polly Lind Artist

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