Jacob Sheep Stang


The other name I call this piece is The Crooked Key, at the foot of the stang in amongst the candles and chalices is what looks to be an old iron key. It is bent and twisted out of shape to a degree but it will still unlock what is kept in the shadows.


The best time to get a sense of the universe is on a clear crisp night when we can see the stars, and galaxies that inhabit our skies. In the shadow of darkness lies such beauty and the pathway to the universe and places unseen during the daylight.  


This piece is also a deep protection aspect to this piece as you explore your shadow, and the deeply magical places that are revealed in the darkness. 


A Stang is a forked staff, that is made from a forked branch. these can be carried around like a staff, and used as a portable altar, focus for a quick hedgy ritual or as the bases for a shrine, as they are portrayed in this art.


I created the originals as applique textile tapestries. The inspiration was to create something that was sacred, connected and rich with magical symbolism, and could be a doorway to the magic and spirit of what is depicted and that the witch or magical practitioner could invite into their working space or home. 


Print sizes

A6 A6 (10.5 x 14.8cm)





Jacob Sheep Stang Postcard